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The Boy’s Town Model of Care

Dr Timothy Francis

A chiropractor in private practice, Dr. Timothy Francis applies a variety of techniques to serve clients, many of whom have conditions that cause chronic pain. In addition to his work, Dr. Timothy Francis supports Father Flanagan’s Boys Town, which provides direct services to approximately 75,000 at-risk children and their families.

To ensure the consistent provision of its services, Boys Town created the Boys Town Model®, which defines how it cares for children and families. The model features five key objectives:
1. Help at-risk children and their families develop skills that may change their lives and situations.
2. Facilitate the development of healthy relationships between children and their families.
3. Provide a family-style environment to care for at-risk children.
4. Provide children and families with the tools they need to make life decisions, thus empowering them.
5. Build awareness of religious values and practices while supporting children and families in the application of what they learn.

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